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Polished 2 Perfection is a local cleaning company based in Southern Maryland. The company is owned and directed by Liz Gaydosh, who has working experience in the real estate industry. This experience has allowed Liz to understand what consumers need in the cleaning process of the home or business, and what they are specifically looking for. This insight led Liz to create Polished 2 Perfection- which cleans houses to perfection as needed by the clients. With a Bachelor's in Entrepreneurship, you can be assured that business is no joke for this owner. 
Polished 2 Perfection specializes in all different kinds of cleaning, as required. All services are exceptional and performed diligently by a trained team. All employees are internal to the company and not out-sourced. This guarantees that they will abide by the company values of integrity and honesty when providing services to you. All services can be tailored and customized to match your needs. You can ask for cleaning in a specific manner or style, or a specific type of cleaning, and we will be able to do just that for you. All cleaning costs are budget friendly, and the services can be further tailored to meet your budgetary constraints and needs. We over and over again have been able to outprice all the competition. 
Our clients are important to us, and we feel it is absolutely necessary to hear them out. This allows us to better understand them as well as their cleaning needs, and thus we focus accordingly. We have a satisfaction guarantee that we stand by at all times.
At Polished 2 Perfection, you will be given individual attention in your cleaning needs and the staff will not be rushing about the house in order to meet another job. We plan our clients in a way that there are no time clashes or constraints for either our customers or our staff. You can also suggest various tasks to the cleaning team yourself during the process, and they will incorporate your needs in the service.
Liz will also be able to advise you on various other cleaning services through a network that she has developed over time and with experience from both- the real estate as well as the cleaning company experience. The company has had recommendations and positive reviews from real-estate agents and other clients, who have seen Liz’s teams sparkle. Give us a call or email us to discuss your cleaning needs- we will make your house shine!



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At Polished 2 Perfection, we are committed to providing you with excellent customer service. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our service, we will work with you to resolve the issue as quickly and professionally as possible. We make the following guarantees:
We will send a Supervisor, along with our team back to redo unsatisfactory work when you let us know right away (within 24 hours). Our job will not be done, until you are satisfied with our work. We are open to communication both positive and negative to ensure everyone is happy. 
Our Cleaners will arrive dressed in company uniforms to identify them to you and your neighbors. They will be trained and equipped to complete the job. They will not eat, drink, smoke, talk on the phone, watch TV or anything other than clean while they are in your home or office.


We have an office in Mechanicsville and our offices are staffed with a live person during normal working hours, so you can be confident that you can call if you need to make a last minute change to your cleaning, or give some specific directions for that cleaning day. If you use email, we will respond to your emails very quickly, and if you just want to stop by and speak with someone face to face, feel free. You can get us when you need to!

Residential, Commercial, Vacation Rental & Industrial Cleaning Services, Southern Maryland Region 

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Liz, Owner/Operator

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